High End Eyeshadow Palettes

High End Eyeshadow Palettes

That ARE Worth your Money!

Hello Beauties! I hope you all are having a wonderful day or night wherever you are! Hot, new eyeshadow palettes are currently saturating the makeup industry! Brands will often market these eyeshadow palettes as: the next best thing since sliced bread! Then, these eyeshadow palettes will sell out in minutes– only to be restocked the following week! This is a marketing scheme! This gives consumers the “want what you can’t have,” mindset! Creating a feeling that makes us all want the product that much more than we did before. So today I am going to review what I think are high end eyeshadow palettes that are worth your money!

***I have already reviewed the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! You can read about my opinion on that eyeshadow palette here***

I have come up with my top three favorite high end eyeshadow palettes, that I believe are 100% worth their price tags (and of course, are cruelty-free)! First, I will start with what I believe needs to be a staple in everyone’s collection! This eyeshadow palette is not one that I would consider an exciting purchase; however, I think it is absolutely a necessary purchase.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Eyeshadow Palette $48.00

With just one glance at this palette you can see that it is full of your basics! Kat Von D has curated into this eyeshadow palette all of the neutral, natural shades that any consumer would need to create any look! A pigmented black eyeshadow has also been included to create depth in a look or even to be used as eyeliner.  These shadows are extremely soft and do have some fallout when you tap your brush into them; however, with shadows this soft comes extreme pigmentation! So with that, you have to weigh your pros and cons. Since these eyeshadows are pigmented and easy to blend, then I personally do not feel like the fallout is a deal breaker. I recommend this palette for any level of consumer because these are the shades you will need to create a soft matte look, or one that is detailed and dimensional!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette $42.00

When ABH released this eyeshadow palette, it definitely received some immediate heavy exposure! However, over a year later I still think that this palette is definitely worth the attention and worth your money. That is, if you like warm toned eyeshadows!  This entire palette is made up of 14 warm and red toned shadows. Which is something that I love! These shades, like the Kat Von D, are ultra soft and have even more fallout. However, the eyeshadows in the this palette do blend seemlessly and are very easy to work with.  The team at ABH has created a cohesive collection of shadows with in this palette, making it easy for to create a balanced look. I would recommend this palette to someone who is comfortable with eyeshadow and enjoys putting together warm smokey eyes or even loves a blown out, grungey (90’s) eyeshadow look.

Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette $169.00

Okay, okay I know that you are probably looking at that price thinking that “what crazy person spends $170 on an eyeshadow palette,” and to be completely honest— I didn’t purchase this palette. In fact, my dad purchased this product for me for my birthday (and I am sure he was thinking the same thing you are)! But hear me out, because I would not have included this palette in this post if I didn’t think that I would go out and pay $170 on the palette myself. In the makeup industry, Natasha Denona shades are speculated as some of the most incredible, blendable, and pigmented eyeshadows on the market. As a world renowned makeup artist herself, Natasha certainly knew what was missing on the market today!

The one thing that consumers seem to have an issue with from her formula is the amount of fallout from the glitter shades. However, that is exactly what they are… glitter shades. A glitter shadow is far different from a shimmer shadow that consumers are more familiar with. Natasha Denona has a very unique formula that needs to be used in a specific manner in order to fully admire it. When used correctly, with a glitter glue and flat concealer brush, the brand’s eyeshadows are absolutely blinding! Not to mention the mattes, those shadows blend themselves essentially.

Now, I would only recommend this palette to and advanced user, simply because you need to know how to apply and work with the shadows in the correct ways in order to truly admire them. The Star palette also contains both a warm and cool toned selection of shadows. I think that this adds to the value as you are essentially getting two for the price of one! Owning this palette has made me step outside my comfort zone (warm tones) when it comes to eyeshadow. Personally, I believe that Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow formulas are like any other!

These are the palettes that I truly think are worth your money!  Let me know below if you have any of these or are thinking of purchasing them! If you have them, tag @brown.eyedbeauty on Instagram so I can see the looks you have created with them!