Glossier Review!

Beyond Glossier’s Cute Packaging!

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The Brand: Glossier

Glossier is– what I would consider to be– an indie brand! Which means that it is independently owned by it’s founders and has an extreme focus on packaging and distinct marketing. Indie brands can also have smaller inventories, making their products sell out quicker and become more desired by consumers. For more information on what exactly and indie brand is, then check out this blog post from Indie Brand Builder, in doing research for this post this is where I learned my definitions and terminology!

So with out further a do, let’s get on with this review!

 Milky Jelly Conditioning Face Wash $18.00

This cleanser is marketed to be soft and gentle on the face, yet tough on pore-clogging impurities. It also claims that it can also be used on dry skin to remove makeup– think oil cleansing! Now, the real question is: does it really do as it claims? My honest opinion after trying it out is no, it did not live up to my expectations. However, let’s start with the positives! The packaging of this bottle is very slick and convenient, making it pleasing to the eye. The cleanser itself is very moisturizing and my face never felt dried out or tight after using it, meaning that it would be ideal for those with dry skin! I have oily skin, but still did not mind this moisturizing quality. What I didn’t like so much was the fact that this truly did not remove my makeup. I generally double cleanse at night, but when this arrived in the mail I was hoping that it could be my one step and done product– sadly it cannot be. Also, while it does condition the face… i’m not too sure what else it does, because my face never feels that cleansed after using it.

I will definitely use up this cleanser, but will most likely not be repurchasing.

Priming Moisturizer $22.00

This product is supposedly a two-in-one primer and morning moisturizer. However, to be completely honest, I will always use a primer in conjunction with this product, because it is really only a moisturizer. That said, it is a very good morning moisturizer! I specify morning moisturizer because I do not that think that this would give enough hydration overnight. I have been incorporating this product into my morning skin care routine and I absolutely love it! The best part about this product is that it takes only one minute to sink into the skin. I do think that this product is worth placing an order on the Glossier website, just be for warned that you will need a primer with it.

Balm Dotcom $12.00

I purchased the Balm Dotcom in the flavor Birthday– mainly because of the gorgeous packaging! I actually bought the cleanser, moisturizer, and this “universal skin salve” together in the brand’s Phase One set! It was pretty exciting to see that with this set you do get to choose which flavor of the Balm Dotcom (there are 6) that you wish to try. Glossier claims that this product is a skin salve and that can heal chapped skin and lips. After testing out this product, I have realized that it is truly fancy petroleum jelly in a tube. The flavor that I picked out to test does have some light shimmers in the formula, which does make it so that your lips do not appear flat. However, this is also an unnecessary gimmick. Do I like this product? Yes, I do– it gets the job done. But it is definitely not worth its price tag. I suggest saving your money on this product!

Invisible Shield Face Sunscreen $34.00

This sunscreen from Glossier is hands down my favorite face sunscreen of all time! Glossier formulated this product as a water gel– which is absolutely genius! That trait of this product ensures that this sunscreen will sink into the skin without leaving white marks or a greasy feeling. The only con to this product is that it only contains an SPF of 35, I wish the protection was a little bit higher. I use this sunscreen every single morning as the last step of my skin care routine! The product itself is on the pricier side at $34.00/ounce; however, I truly think finding a good SPF is worth the money. If you were to take one thing away from this post–one product to purchase–let it be this one!

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