Double Cleansing Routine

Double Cleansing Routine

Hello Beauties! I hope you all are having a wonderful day or night wherever you are!

Skincare is something that is so personal and particular to each individual, because we all have not only different types of skin (oily, dry, normal, combination) but also different allergies and sensitivities to products. So, to be completely honest, for me to sit here and preach to you that any product will absolutely work for everyone would be completely wrong— because odds are, it won’t. However! Today we are talking about a product that I love, but more so I am going to be reviewing and “un-ready” process that I am obsessed with. So hopefully, you can substitute your own favorite products into this cleansing routine.

I love to wear makeup, it’s not something that I wear daily, but when I do it is really important to me that I remove ALL of it at the end of the night. I know it might sound simple, but in actuality this is really difficult. Through trial and error I have found that makeup wipes will always irritate my skin, they do remove my makeup—but at the cost of leaving my skin red and burning. So I decided to switch to oil cleansing in my PM routine. For those who haven’t heard of oil cleansing, it is exactly as it sounds: using an oil to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Oil breaks down makeup so well and works wonders on stubborn eye makeup! The oils that I would recommend using to remove make up is coconut oil or olive oil.


***Disclaimer*** I was told by my esthetician that coconut oil can be comedogenic (pore clogging) and so that is definitely something to keep in mind. Once I was told that, I decided to switch to the double cleansing method and the product I am loving for it is the Pixi Double Cleanser (a collaboration between the brand Pixi and blogger Caroline Hirons).  You can purchase the Pixi Double Cleanser at Target for $24.00, you may think that is a steep price for a cleanser but you do have to remember that you are getting both a makeup remover and a cleanser in one product. I feel like this product removes makeup extremely well, but what makes me love it is the ingredients that are in it! This product also has no scent, so for those of you who are sensitive to scent then that would not be an issue.

Key Ingredients (courtesy of the Pixi website):

Solid Cleanser:

  • Oil Vitamin E – Protects & conditions
  • Camellia Oil – Omega rich & nourishes
  • Evening Primrose Oil – Heals & moisturizes

Cleansing Cream:

  • Vitamin C – Promotes collagen & protects
  • Peptide Complex – Line relaxing & plumping
  • Arginnie – Improves cell renewal & elasticity

So you may be asking yourself what double cleansing is. Well, it is exactly what it seems to be: you cleanse first with a makeup remover (i.e oil or solid cleanser) and then wash again with a cream cleanser. This will insure that you remove all of the makeup, dirt, and oil that can clog your pores and cause breakouts!

Try double cleansing for cleaner, clearer skin and let me know in the comments below what your favorite products are for this method!