Hello! I wanted to make a couple of statements in regards to this blog, we might as well get the business all out of the way– that way we can focus on the fun!

This is a blog that’s main focus is on cruelty-free beauty of all kinds, the subject matter of which will be constantly evolving and growing as our community (via comments and conversations between readers) here does. That said, I do reserve the right to change how this blog is managed, as well as redirecting the content or focus of this blog at any time.

This blog does contain and reflect my own opinions, I will always be honest about how I feel about a product or trend. Please keep in mind that everybody is unique in their likes and dislikes, meaning that my opinion will vary from others. Just because I do not like a product does not mean that you won’t, it just means that it didn’t work for me. Also, any information I do post is true to my own knowledge, but I am not a professional and therefor may be subject to errors and mistakes (after all we are all human here).

Lastly, a friendly reminder that this blog is for entertainment purposes. The information on here should not be taken as advice and you (the reader) may rely on the information at your own risk.

Brown-Eyed Beauty is meant to be a creative outlet for us all, if you have different experiences than I do with pertaining to any of my posts please share your knowledge and history in the comments section for other readers to enjoy! Let’s all try our best to remember to always respect each other!

Phew! Now that the business talk is over… lets dive into the vast world of cruelty-free beauty!