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Hello Beauties! I hope you all are having a wonderful day or night wherever you are!

Today I want to bring awareness to an underrated cruelty-free brand at the drugstore: Wet N’ Wild! So down below I have gathered a kit of my favorite products from the brand and I am going to give you a few mini reviews and my tips & tricks on using these products to achieve a high end look! With out further a do, let’s get started!

Photo Focus Primer 4.99

This primer has the consistency of a gel moisturizer—feels very similar to the Too Faced Hangover Rx primer! The reason that I would recommend this primer to you is because it works on a myriad of different skin types and helps with all sorts of skin concerns. For example, I have combination-oily skin and the thought of adding a moisturizing primer on top of my serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen felt like way too much for my skin. However, this product applies seamlessly to the skin, sinks right in, and creates a smooth surface for all of your other face products! Meaning that for my oily skin it actually kept my oils at bay through out the day by adding just enough moisture to my skin. For those of you with more normal to dry skin, I think that this would not supply enough moisture (you would still need to moisturize well with your skin care), but would create the same glassy canvas for the rest of your make up!

 Photo Focus Foundation $5.99

I have talked about this foundation before in my Favorite Cruelty-Free Foundations post, as it truly is one of my holy grail products from the drugstore! This product was tested and formulated by Wet N’ Wild to work continuously in 7 different forms of lighting—aka it has been specifically created to not cause flashback in photos. Which is a reason that I love it so much! If I know that I am going to be taking photos, then I will most definitely use this foundation over all my others (even my higher end formulas). This foundation does have a matte finish—which I enjoy, but if you have dry skin then this may not be for you. I would recommend you to purchase and try this product if you are looking for a foundation that will look great in all lightings, will last all day, and keep you looking matte. There are also 20 shades of this foundation— a great range for any brand! A lot of non cruelty-free brands do not have a selection like this, thus this product is a bargain, supports the fact that animals are not to be used as test subjects, and lastly has a color range that can support a wide variety of skin tones! Go Wet N’ Wild!


 Photo Focus Concealer 3.99

This product is new to my collection so this mini review is going to be more of a first impression. Boy did I hear a lot of mixed reviews on this product when it first launched—hence the reason I never purchased it. However, I felt as though it was time that I tried the product for myself. My thoughts thus far is that this product has an insane amount of coverage for the price! I also feel like it drys quickly, so I would advise that your apply to one area on the face at a time. The one thing I have noticed the most so far is that this concealer has not creased on my under-eyes! Which is a huge plus as I am not a fan of touching up my makeup throughout the day (mostly because I always forget to). Like I said, this product was a first impression, however I would recommend to try it for yourself and see how it works! On me so far, this product gave full coverage and has not creased— what more can I ask for in a concealer!

MegalGlo Contouring Palette in “Dulce De Leche” – $4.99

This has to be one of my favorite products that we are discussing today— mainly because it is so versatile! On busy mornings, products like this are my absolute go to! So the purpose of this palette is that the left side can be used to set and highlight the under-eye area, while the right side is used for contouring— however, I often use this shade as an eyeshadow as well! Today I used this to set the concealer, and (as I mentioned above) have had no creasing. This powder did leave my skin brightened as I dusted it over the rest of my skin to set the liquid products. Both of the these powders are very pigmented and also quite powdery. When I went to use the contour side for the first time, I was quite blown away at the pigment and had to blend thoroughly to get a natural shadow appearance. This can be good and bad, the bad being that you must remember to use a light hand and blend, but the good being that you get such a high quality product for only $4.99! I also recommend using this shade as a transition shade in the crease of the eye, because many of the high quality eyeshadow palettes Wet N’ Wild produces don’t have a matte shade. I would recommend this palette for beginner contourers as the quality is out the this world and the price is very affordable. Just be aware to use a light hand, start small and then build up from there!

 Color Icon Blush in “Mellow Wine” – $2.99

These are some of the only blushes I own! I honestly have such a hard time justifying purchasing high end blushes after using these babies because they are so pigmented and creamy for SUCH as affordable price! My favorites are Rose Champagne and Mellow Wine (photographed). I recommend these because of the formula, because—as I mentioned above— these powders are very soft and creamy but glide onto the skin and blend beautifully. I would start with a light hand with these also, because a little does go along way!

 Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in “Walking on Eggshells” – $2.99

Now, I have to say that the packaging of this product is not my favorite, it screams cheap to me. I know that the product is cheap, but I don’t necessarily want it to look cheap— you know what I mean? However, it is the product on the inside that truly counts, right? So let’s focus on that! This little trio comes with a white champagne shimmery color to accent the browbone, a warm shimmery brown shade, and a pearly pink shimmer. That’s right, all three shades are shimmery! Which I actually like, because as I mentioned you can throw the contour shade of the contouring palette in the crease for a matte transition, and if you do so are able to create a dazzling look with these three eyeshadows! I think that this formula is akin to their blushes—soft and creamy, probably having to do with the fact that macadamia oil is infused into each shade. Not seeming so cheap now, huh? These are the only shadows I have ever tried from the brand, but I know that their permanent shadows are supposed to all have the same wonderful formula. I would suggest this trio for beginners— so long as you have a matte transition shade— because they are so easy to work with! They are also very inexpensive, so you can practice different looks with these and then work your way up to high end brands. These have a low price tag, but definitely pack a punch.

 Lash Renegade Mascara $5.99

Let’s be honest, I bought this product because of the packaging… it completely drew me in! This is another product that is more of a first impression for me! I bought this recently to try out. Mascara is actually a product that is difficult for me to judge, because I have naturally long and full eyelashes. So every mascara tends to make my lashes look the same: a bit longer and a bit darker. With all of that said, I wasn’t particularly excited or expecting anything huge from this product. But boy was I wrong! When I first opened that product and saw that the wand was a bit, different… I was pretty nervous; however, in actuality, it made a dramatic difference in my lashes! After just one use I was able to see that this mascara made my lashes stand out and my eyes appear larger! The tip of this wand is perfect for separating lashes and adding a curl to them. I highly recommend giving this mascara a try if you run into the same problems as me where all mascara’s from drugstore to high end  all end up looking the same.

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick $4.99

If you have read my blog before, you will know that I am a HUGE fan of these liquid lipsticks! They glide on super pigmented and dry down to an all matte look, all the while lasting all day long! Literally is there more to ask for in a lipstick?? I don’t think so. I own 8 out of the 13 shades and pretty much wear them daily because I do not have to worry about touching up my lips through the day. This is one of the best formula’s in my opinion and its available at the drugstore! I highly, highly recommend you checking these out— you won’t regret it if you are looking for a long-lasting, afforable, cruelty-free, comfortable matte formula!

 Photo Focus Setting Spray- $4.99

Another first impression for me, I bought this spray recently to try out in my makeup kit. Setting sprays are difficult to review, because the staying power of makeup depends so much on the skin type of each individual. What I can say in regards to this product is that it smells identical to the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, so I am not sure if they are dupes of each other (if you would like a dupes dedicated series on these two then let me know down below). My recommendation for this product is that it is inexpensive enough to purchase and try out on your skin! For me, thus far, it is holding up and it did help make my skin look less powdery after applying my full face of makeup!

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews on a full face of Wet N’ Wild products! This brand is an untapped treasure at the drugstore because of its price and its cruelty-free status! If you wanted to purchase this entire full face of makeup then it would cost only $41.91! Which is what you could potentially spend on ONE high end product. I hope this helped those of you who were looking for some awesome products from a cruelty-free and affordable brand!




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