About Me

Hello! My name is Alexis! Thank you for being a part of my little community here at Brown-Eyed Beauty! In fact, I started this blog for you, the individual reading this. Brown-Eyed Beauty is dedicated to providing fun articles that are always entertaining and honest in regards to all things beauty! The truth of the matter is that you have stumbled upon my blog here because you are either makeup obsessed (like me), enjoy learning more about makeup and trends (also me), or because you’re new to the beauty world and want an honest voice that will tell you her opinion on new releases (as well as oldies, but goodies)! However, beauty is something that is not seen on the outside or through make up at all, sure much of this blog discusses make up and other beauty trends, but that is not really what is important. I started this blog for you and me, to create a little community here where we could all express ourselves creatively, but to remind each other that beauty truly does come from within!

To be completely honest to you, I have only fallen in love with makeup within the last year and a half! You would be completely shocked by that statement if you could see my home vanity stocked with more makeup then I will ever truly need, friends and family– you know what I mean! Nevertheless, it is true! Let me tell you, when I did fall in love with make up, I fell hard. Now, it is something I am passionate about, because even though it does not constitute beauty, it DOES help exert confidence when needed! Plus it’s fun!

A huge flaw, that is often not brought to attention in the beauty industry, is that an overwhelming amount of companies still test their beauty/cosmetic products on innocent animals. I am animal lover, in my home we have two dogs who are loved to death! The thought of beautiful animals never getting the opportunity to be spoiled with love breaks my heart tremendously. Thus, I only support and use products sold by companies who are cruelty-free, meaning that they do not (under any circumstances) test any of their products on animals. The makeup industry and its consumers often turn a blind eye to the fact that animal testing is still around and in full force with many popular companies, I wanted to start this blog to show others how easy it is to find amazing products and companies that are cruelty-free!

So now that you know a little bit more about why I created Brown-Eyed Beauty, go on to read my series, reviews, trials, and tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way! Also, please interact! I love to read comments and see conversations going on below the articles, we can all help each other here!